4 in 1 Facial Hair Trimmer Bikini Hair Removal For Women

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4 in 1 hair remover: Nose trimmer&body shaver&facial shaver&eyebrow trimmer to meet your different hair removal needs, ideal choice for whole body hair removal with painless trimmer.

Safe & painless: This hair trimmer uses high precision comfortable stainless steel blades, not hurt your skin. It does not pull hair from the skin but get close to the hair root.

Easy to use & clean: Different replaceable heads makes it easy to trim unwanted hair precisely. Its waterproof level is IPX6 and it allows you to rinse the cutting heads under running water direactly.

USB rechargeable portable: This is a mini-size cordless shaver powered by power bank, USB charger, laptop or any charging devices, of which you are free to use anytime and anywhere. Never worry about getting embarrassment brought by stop working.

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Operation instruction:

Facial hair trimmer

1. Be carefrul while first using it to touch the skin.

2. Remove the cover, to make sure the blade no damage or deformation.

3. If your product fails to operate or the voice of the motor sounds samll when switched"ON", please charge again.

4. Put the equipment on the skin, gently moving it in the form.

5. Switch off the power and cover the protective cap.

6. Charging tips: when it was charging, the light will be red, after full charging, the light will be stop, it will off.


- Mini Portable Lipstick shape facial hair remover

- Painless hair remover, a hypoallergenic way to remove unwanted facial and body hair

- Waterproof, IPX6

- Suitable for women

Hair removal for women (7)

1. Where can luse it?

The fourin-one blade gives you a smooth body: Trim eyebrows / Am / Legs / Nose hair / Lips


2. Four-in-one shaver, care for the skin

Full body washing/USB interface 1 quick shaving

3. 3D floating knife net

The cutter head design makes you feel more at ease in using

4. Trim your eyebrows easly without

worying about hurting your skin

Eyebrow trimmer

5. Tmte somsomss

shavwtout eignng



6. Disassemble the cutter head, easy to replace

Various shaving heads for quick replacement

7. One shaver can fulfill 4 purposes

Four cutter heads (eyebrow timingsideburn timminghnose tiingshaven)

8. You can shave the hair on all parts of

the bodyshave the coarse and fine hair

withoutleaving roots

Shaver for ladies

9. Prevent nostril hair from growing outside

both men and women can use

Nose hair trimmer

Hair removal (26)

10. Streamlined body, compact and portable

You can put it in your cosmetic bag and use it as you go

Comfortable experience, let you put it down

11. Full body washing

Can be used dry or wet

USB convenient charging

Charging is very convenient

you can charge anywhere

12. 3D floating shaving head

Floating left and right, tighty fting to the skin / Bikini area / Face / Lips / Armpit / Am / Legs

Lady shaver-9

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